Monday, February 11, 2008

Daniel"s Prayer of Confession

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Our Bible lesson on Sunday, February 10th is taken from Daniel, chapter 9. This chapter is famously known for the epic prophecy of the "Seventy Weeks are Determined upon thy people, Israel". We are going to deal with that prophecy in detail next week, but I am interested in Daniel's prayer that preceded the vision.

Great things happen to Christians when they are in prayer with the Almighty. It was during his 21 day prayer that Daniel confessed the sins of his people, Israel and asked God for mercy. While he was praying, the angel Gabriel came to him with a message.

Lucifer was known as the Archangel of beauty but pride filled his heart and in his rebellion, he was cast out of heaven, along with 2/3rd's of the angelic host.

Sometimes, we have an answer to our prayers instantaneously, but other times we have to persist until we breakthrough all the clutter and discouragement that Satan throws at us. Persist, for God hears your prayer. Pray until you get a "breakthrough'! God is on our side.