Saturday, June 27, 2009

Facebook Musings

One of the wonders of technology was the creation of the social networking web site--Facebook. I recently decided I should try my hand at this since the "Mission" of Northwest Family Church is "Connecting people to Jesus and each other". Much to my amazement is that I have been connected to friends I have not seen or heard from in 35 years!. What a wonderful blessing it has been to reconnect to friends that I attended College with, Pastored, and many others. Just to see their faces and read their postings brings back a flood of memories from many years ago.

We recently completed ten years of service at Northwest Family Church and I have learned that God's Grace is all-sufficient! These have been some of my richest years of ministry and I have been privileged to serve them with my friend and partner of almost 50 years, my wife, Milbre.

Friends are important. They form a network of fellowship and prayer partners that will enable us to stand firm and faithful to the work of God. I love all my friends and I am thankful for what each of you has contributed to my life.