Monday, May 12, 2008

"Southern Gospel"

I have spent the last few days nursing a late winter-early spring cold. I often tell people who are experiencing sudden illness that the Psalmist wrote, "He maketh me to lie down". There's only one way you can look when lying down and that is up! Sometimes God can use these moments in our lives to cause us to stop and reflect on Him. So the last few days of rest have given me those moments. I finally gave in and asked a good friend to teach my Bible Class on Sunday. After church, we were able to celebrate Mother's Day at home--I grilled steaks and it was an enjoyable meal and afternoon while my wife and I played games and enjoyed the blessings of a quiet Sunday afternoon.
About a year and one-half ago, we purchased a Chevy HHR which my wife mostly drives. It has an XM Satellite radio. Recently I discovered channel 34 which is all Southern Gospel 24/7. So Sunday afternoon, Mother's day we drove to Dairy Queen, purchased hot-fudge sundaes and drove around listening to "Southern Gospel". It is the music I grew up with and still enjoy.

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