Monday, September 1, 2008


I followed with interest the development and progress of Hurricane Gustav as it formed down in the Caribbean and made its way up "Hurricane Alley" into the Gulf of Mexico. Even as I write this post, Gustav has moved inland and is pounding Baton Rouge. Mercifully, at this point, it seems New Orleans has been spared the terrible devastation that they suffered three years ago during Katrina. We watch and pray as our oldest son and his wife live in Alexandria, Louisiana, and will receive some wind and much rain as the storm moves northwest.

These moments bring back lots of memories from my growing up years in the Houston-Galveston, Texas area. I remember having to evacuate to shelters during numerous storms which are a natural part of the Gulf Coast. Milbre and I were married in September, 1960, and lived in Texas City, Texas, in September of 1961, when one of the worst storms to hit the Gulf Coast came ashore. It was Hurricane Carla. If you Google it, you will find many stories relating to the devastation of that storm. We had evacuated to my wife's home in De Ridder, LA., to wait for the storm to pass. It was at least a week before I was able to get back in to check on our property. We had damage from flooding, but the house was standing. Many others were not so fortunate. Block after block of devastation and despair are still vivid pictures in my mind of the power of nature. There were other storms over the years, But none greater than Carla.

Say a prayer today for those who are being affected by this storm.

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