Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Old Has Become New Again

Our church, Northwest Family Church, in Auburn, WA has debated and planned in a series of Cohort's about our purpose, mission, values and core beliefs. That process is ongoing. One of the decisions that has been made is to attempt to reach different segments of our community that may not respond to one style, but is there a style they would respond to?

A decision was made to hold a more traditional style of service on Sunday that would certainly appeal to a large segment of our church (since we are in our 85th year as a congregation), and to have another service more contemporary that would appeal to the younger people. While the first would sing from the hymnals, have a choir, and actually sit down to sing, the second service would be more guitar driven, louder, etc.

Today was the first day that the new service format was offered and it seem to be well received from all sides. The first Sunday attendance at each service was almost equal.

While I realize this debate has been going on in many churches and denominations, we desire to make this a sincere effort to reach our community and, yes, we want to reach younger people as well, since they are our future. This is the second time our congregation has begun a traditional service, and I believe it will be successful this time. There are many young people that need the Lord, but let's face it: we have to reach some of the older one's also, they may not have another chance. The fastest growing demographic is the 50 plus, since all the 'boomer's are coming of age. We will not forget them!

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