Saturday, September 15, 2007


Those are the words to a song Gospel quartets used to sing. Of course it refers to a relationship, in this case, one to Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. However, my mind was going back to the late 1950's when I met a young lady by the name of Milbre Mock. She had transferred to our town with her job and started attending our little church in La Marque, Texas. We became friends and then the acquaintance grew into something more serious. On September 17, 1960, we were married. She became my "September Bride". I was thinking of the words to that chorus when I contemplated our 47th anniversary in a couple of days. Yes, we have had our share of difficulties, as most do, but the relationship has really grown 'sweeter" as the days and months and years have flown by. Time has taught us patience, perseverance and stronger love for each other. I really am thankful for this girl from De Ridder, Louisiana, that came into my life, and stayed!

Happy Anniversary, sweetheart!

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