Monday, July 23, 2007

Above and Beyond The Call

Today began early with a visit to see Milbre's doctor before her surgery this afternoon. We checked in to the hospital around 12:30 PM, and by 1:30 she was in pre-0p. Pastor Bullock stopped by before she went in and prayed for her (and me). It is so comforting to know that you have an entire community of faith holding you up in prayer.

The Doctor came out at 4:10PM and said there was good news and bad. (You know the line). The good news, some fractures were not as bad as he thought and the bad news, one area was really fractured, so much so, that he could not use a plate to repair it, and instead, resorted to a packing behind that fractured area in hopes that it will set and heal in the right position. We are thankful there were no serious complications so far...and should not be any.

For someone who has seen a lot of sickness, pain and dying, (I have a funeral service scheduled for Thursday) somehow it is different when it is your own. Blood seems redder, you seem to feel their pain, and yucky-poo, changing those bloody bandages. Why should an old pastor have to deal with such. That is above and beyond the call.

Somehow I hear a wedding vow spoken 47 years ago that went something like this--"For Better or for worse--In Sickness and in Health." And I said "I DO"! And so I DID and I AM!

I hope you picked up on the tongue-in-cheek. Bones will heal and we will be back to speed in no time. All the prayers that are being offered on Milbre's behalf will not fail.

Respectfully submitted,
Nurse (Pastor) Don

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