Sunday, July 22, 2007

Homegoings and Such

One of the interesting and challenging jobs for a minister is ministering to families who have just lost a loved one. This week has brought word that our friend Ralph Light passed away suddenly on Friday 13, of a heart attack. I just heard tonight that he had been to the doctor and they were doing some labs on him. The day he passed away of a heart attack, his labs came back and showed he had leukemia. What a strange twist! God sees the future and knows what is best.

Last evening, as I was thinking about the Sunday services and our class, I received a phone call from Kevin Barnhill that his mother, in Auburn hospital had taken a turn for the worse. I got dressed and headed down to the hospital to check on her. As I arrived on the fourth floor, her son was standing at the nurse's station, and shook his head and said, "she's gone". I couldn't believe it. So I went in her room and had prayer, but she wasn't there. She had already gone home. Needless to say, the emotions ran strong and deep, but felt that I was able to minister to her son and pray with him.

The Bible plainly says, "Who knows what a day will bring forth". I hope you are thinking about your eternal destiny in a way that doesn't put it off until the last minutes of your life. God loves you! He wants to be a part of your life now!

Don Howard
Auburn, WA

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