Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Wednesday's, as always, is Word Of Life Fellowship. Therefore, for us to not be there, seems strange and unusual. My message was ready, the power-point was on its way, but Milbre needed me today. Thanks to my good friend, Larry Martin, who was willing to step up and take the service on short notice. Thanks to all our friends who would have insisted that I be here for her.

Well, Thursday holds forth promise of new events. At 11:00 am, I will meet the family of Margaret Barnhill at Hillside Cemetery and celebrate her Home going. A wonderful lady who had lived a long, eventful life and has now laid down her burdens and cares. Memorials are always times of deep emotional swings of sadness and when someone has suffered with pain and illness for a long time, as she has, it can be viewed with joy.

As a side note, death, grief and bereavement are moments when a pastor truly can minister to families and loved ones of the departed. It is a time when they really need someone to come alongside and offer hope and solace. That is what we, as pastors, do. It is to those moments that we fulfill our calling. It is not all about pulpit ministry--yes that is important--but this is where we are able to demonstrate God's love in a personal way.

So, yes, I missed W.O.L.F. today, but we will be there next week, the Lord willing!

Don Howard
Auburn, WA

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