Monday, July 9, 2007

"Looking Back"

It hasn't been that long ago (1997) at the age of 58, I purchased my first desktop computer. It was a highly techno-machine with 1.5 gigs and a 14.4 modem. The speed (or lack of) was phenomenal. But on that old Packard Bell I slowly learned how to navigate my way around the Web and how to use the Microsoft 3.0.

Ten years later, I routinely prepare my messages and Bible studies with my computer. (Small 32 gig, XP, LCD Monitor, etc. etc.)I have learned how to prepare my own power point, adding photos, movies, etc. It has revolutionized the way I prepare. I love the Logos Scholar Digital Library. I seldom crack a hard cover book--it is mostly digital.

Why bore you with such minutiae? To encourage those who have not begun to enter the information age, who are too fearful, who think they are too old. At 68, I find ministry much more fun, research much easier.

Much of my ministry these days are tending to Pastoral Care needs of our church and leading a group of 100 plus Seniors. And I thought I was challenged before?

Don Howard
Auburn WA

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preacher238 said...

Good show, old timer! Good words and well said! Much better than your technologically advanced youngest son!