Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Moving Right Along

As the Apostle Paul said, "Forgetting the things that are behind...we press toward the prize" Milbre has been a real trooper throughout this ordeal of injury, surgery and putting up with my nursing care! A visit to the doctor today was positive, though still very painful. His judgment was she was doing as well as could be expected. Another visit, next Monday, and he will remove a drain tube and packing. We are prayerful and hopeful for a positive outcome that the bones will have healed as they should and the area that was unstable will have stabilized.

We are thankful for a faith community that has her in their prayers. Where do you find friends such as this? Our neighbors have also been so caring and helpful.

Bentley and Vickers (our two poodles) know something is wrong with Mama, but not sure what yet! The challenge is keep them from jumping in her lap and wanting to kiss her...the last thing she needs is a dog kiss on her injuries.

I suspect that a year from now, we will have a vivid, but distant memory of these events. Isn't life much like that. Difficulties and trials that come unexpected, seem almost too much to handle, but they soon pass and we move on.

I think one lesson we might take from this, is don't despair, whatever the trial...God cares! He knows! And He will see us through!

I recommend Him to you.

Don Howard
Auburn, WA

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