Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday Night Fever

Saturday night--the night before the big day To a pastor, Sunday is always a big day. It is the day of the week. We think, plan and prepare for Sunday. It is the Lord's Day and worthy of our best for Him.

Of course, by now, I should be finished, prepared and ready--thankfully, tonight, I am. Those days when events, schedules and emergencies push back the clock, Saturday night is D-Day because ready or not, Sunday will be here in a few hours.

Teaching or preaching is what pastors love to do. It is our topping on the ice cream. Those times of crisis and necessary intervention or visits become the labor of love that we are called to. AH! But preaching is the fun part. It is a part of my calling that brings much joy and fulfillment.

I look forward to interaction with a wonderful, intergenerational class on Sunday mornings that challenges me each week. We are studying the parables of Matthew 13 this summer and they are proving to be as exciting as any I have taught.

Sunday Evening preaching rotation catches me this Sunday, so, the Lord willing, I will speak on "The Best Seat in The House". The mid-week Word of Life Fellowship continues this Wednesday, with our study in Genesis.

Don't ever feel sorry for a pastor who has a busy preaching and teaching schedule. It is like sweetness to a baby.

Don Howard
Auburn, WA

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rufishinrr said...

Pastor Howard, you are so sweet, and our church is so blessed by your ministry. Thank you for sharing your joy of being a pastor. It is always encouraging to know that our Pastors enjoy what they do. Thank you for serving us!
--Nikki Snyder :)