Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Yesterday and today I have been preparing my Bible studies for Wednesday and Sunday. When I was a youth (a few days ago), I belonged to a Boy Scout troop. Our Scoutmaster was the pastor of the local Friends Church. Of course, the motto we learned from the Scouts was "Be Prepared". I reflect on those long ago scout meetings and the fun they brought, the camaraderie, and other lessons of life they taught. One lesson that would not be politically correct today, was preparation for our inner person. The spiritual side of life. I can remember attending the little Friends Church and giving my heart to the Lord as a young teenager. Those days sowed seeds into my life that have served me well.

How much the pace of life has changed! Life seems so much more complicated, yet the necessity of preparation remains. I understand the necessity of being prepared to teach or preach. This week will be especially busy, since I will also speak in the Sunday evening worship service. But prepare I will, because those who will come to listen, to receive, deserve the best that I can give.

More importantly, I want to make sure the inner man is prepared.

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