Friday, July 27, 2007


Most of my work this week has been in my office at home. While my sweetheart, Milbre, my wife of soon to be 47 years, has been recovering from her fall and surgery, I have been able to be close and still accomplish the work of ministry. Thrown into the mix has been a hospital visit for a friend who had a knee replacement, along with visits to take care of shopping chores that Milbre usually handles.

Yesterday and this morning where very difficult, as Milbre had a reaction to medications that prompted calls to physicians and new prescriptions. A long-time friend of ours, Erma Yadon, stopped by for a visit, and that was very uplifting. Tonight will be a better night!

Of ministry note, I received a CD with 10 volumes of Donald Grey Barnhouse on Romans. It is a classic and a welcome addition to my Logos Scholars Digital Library System, which now holds several hundred volumes of books.

The Logos Library has totally changed the way I study the Bible and do preparations for teaching and preaching. Many of the hardcover books in my library that I have treasured for many years are now included in digital format and any subject or topic is accessible with a click of the mouse. Almost any version of the Bible is available, alone or in parallel views. It is an incredible asset to ministry. At some point in my blog, I may go into greater detail, but if you are minister, student, Bible scholar, or just an avid fan of the Scriptures, I highly recommend Logos to you!

Don Howard
Auburn WA


John Simpson said...


Thanks for the update on Milbre's recovery. She is in my prayers that healing will be complete and soon. I check your blog each day for the news.

John Simpson

Don Howard said...

Thanks John. Your prayers are really appreciated. I passed your note along to Milbre.