Monday, July 16, 2007

The Best Laid Plans...

The rest of that quote goes something like this:..."of mice and men". Yesterday was a good day in the House of God. Our senior pastor, Dr. Warren Bullock, delivered an outstanding message from Luke 15, on the Prodigal.

Today, I began at 5:30 AM, with taking the dogs out for their first break, and then spent some time planning out the day. Milbre awakened early, feeling good, and was heading out for her daily walk at Game Farm Park. I had just gotten out of the shower and she returned home from her walk, after only 10 minutes. She was teary-eyed and I asked her what happened? She had tripped and fallen in the construction area of the new street paving, just down from our house. She had refused to allow the construction workers to call 911, insisting that she was alright. However, in a few minutes, she had a severe headache and we decided that she should go to ER. A CT scan showed an "acute facial fracture--tripod", and arm and knee abrasions. So after a few hours and med's., we returned home.

We are thankful that this was all that happened, she could have broken an arm or leg. A visit to her ENT doctor tomorrow will determine whether she needs surgery.

"Who knows what a day will bring forth..." so says the Scriptures.

The best advice would be from this experience---don't hesitate to call the EMT's . That's why we pay our taxes. That is the safest and best course.

Don Howard
Auburn WA


rufishinrr said...

Pastor Don, sorry to hear about Milbre's fall but happy she seems to be okay. We'll keep her in our prayers...the Snyders

Don Howard said...

Thank you for your prayers. She will have surgery this afternoon (Monday). at Auburn